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How do I qualify to become a member?

To qualify to become a member, you must be 19+ years of age and seeking a more natural approach to treating a condition or illness.

You must have a Canadian shipping address. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Send ID (Drivers License, Passport, Health Card or Medical Marijuana Card ) Via Email to Verify Your Account and Age.

Please note: Members are required to send a valid form of government photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, Health Card or Medical Marijuana Card) via email before an order can be processed. If you have not done so already, please email your ID. Registered members can still shop, manage and order as usual.

To become a member of Red Eye Delivery, you will need to provide proof of age (19+) by sending your government-issued photo ID via email to redeyeservice@protonmail.com.

We’re 1 of many dispensaries in Canada that are NOT operating under the federally-approved medical marijuana system. To qualify under the federal system, you’ll need to get a doctor’s approval and Health Canada’s permission to purchase from one of the 26+ licensed producers. Federal and Provincial governments have allowed dispensaries to proliferate so people can safely access medicine, so long as there are no sales to minors or any gang affiliations.

There are many mail order marijuana sites in Canada. Marijuana has been shipped across Canada in the mail since the 90’s and to date, we know of no-one who has ever been charged with receiving pot in the mail. However. That being said, there is still a risk on both ends as we are not working with any federal approval.

All payments are made via INTERAC E-Transfer (EMT) or Debit/Credit Card. We only accept INTERAC E-Transfer (EMT) as payment for mail orders. Instructions will be provided with your online invoice. All mail orders will ship only after E-Transfer's have been confirmed. If we receive your payment before 3pm (mail orders only), your order will ship that business day. Orders paid after 3pm (mail orders only) will be shipped the following day.

All Same day orders will be delivere only after payment has been confirmed. ***Reminder 9:30pm is our cut-off for all smae day orders.

If you are new to INTERAC E-Transfers, please visit http://www.interac.ca/en/interac-e-transfer-consumer.html

All EMT payments must be sent to: redeyeservice@protonmail.com

Information needed to complete paymet:

Name: RND Service

Sercert Question: Everybody say?

Sercret Answer: Cheese

Yes, you can add to you order. You will have to order like usual. When sending payment just deducted the 2nd shipping/delivery fee off of your payment. Please leave a note in the comments section on your invoice, This will let our packing department know. This will also insure no delays in getting your order out.

NOTE: leave order number you want to add on to in the comments section on your invoice.

Is the package discrete? The package will be very discrete. We ensure that all marijuana products are vacuum sealed to ensure there is no odour detected. There will be no MMJ packaging visible upon delivery.

Yes we sell edibles.

Sativa and Indica are the two major types of cannabis plants which can mix together to create hybrid strains. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits.


Indica dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong sweet or sour odor to the buds (ex. Kush, OG Kush) providing a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders.

Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become when high from an indica strain of marijuana, like Kush.

Benefits of Indica:

-Relieves body pain

-Relaxes muscles

-Relieves spasms, reduces seizures

-Relieves headaches and migraines

-Relieves anxiety or stress


Sativa dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy type odor to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic and “cerebral” high that is best suited for daytime smoking. A sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy as being high on sativa can spark new ideas and creations. Many artists take advantage of the creative powers of cannabis sativa (marijuana) to create paintings.

Benefits of Sativa:

-Feelings of well-being and at-ease

-Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts

-Stimulates and energizes

-Increases focus and creativity

-Fights depression

Please Note: These are general guideline, please remember that not all people react the same to this medicine.


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